ConRes Corporate Affiliated Subsidiaries

Continental Resources, Inc. (ConRes) has three corporate affiliated subsidiaries:

Continental Leasing Company (CLC)

Continental Leasing Company (CLC) offers lease financing for the technology products offered by ConRes. Rates are competitive and backed by over 4 decades of financial stability.  Visit the Credit, Financing, and Payments page for more information.

Continental Resources Asia Pacific Ltd.

Continental Resources Asia Pacific provides information technology products, primarily computer equipment and software, to organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. These organizations consist of local entities as well as the overseas affiliates of North American businesses.

Wall Industries, Inc. (Wall)

Wall Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion products with an emphasis on modified standard and customized power solutions – all with fast, volume-independent turnaround and low non-recurring engineering charges.

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