VMwareВ® Horizon Application Manager™: The Solution for a Post-PC Era

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How much of your work over the past week was done on a PC? Chances are that you switch back and forth between a variety of gadgets during an average work week. Maybe you access your work email on your phone in the morning, work on a presentation on your tablet on the train, then pick up where you left off on your desktop when you arrive.

Mobility is a necessary part of many businesses today, which makes access and storage tricky. The current post-PC age requires data to be easily accessible from anywhere. This can create a lot of trouble for IT professionals trying to keep up with the demand for flexibility and productivity while reducing the complexity of managing and maintaining control over an organization’s data assets. That’s where VMwareВ® Horizon Application Manager™ comes in. It’s able to provide on-demand application access, resulting in improved security, increased productivity, and a simplified overall experience. It’s a cross-platform management solution that unifies, secures, and controls access to software-as a-service (SaaS), Web, and Windows applications for end-user devices. It centralizes policy-driven control of applications, integrating with your enterprise directory environment to enable access to virtualized Windows applications from every end-user device. It also extends enterprise policy and visibility to the cloud, modernizing IT control of SaaS and Web applications for any device.

This gives you the flexibility to:

  • Succeed in a mobile era without added complexity and cost.
  • Manage all SaaS, Web, and Windows applications and view their usage from one central platform.
  • Gain easy, on-demand access to applications via their preferred devices.
  • Access a personalized and consistent workplace from anywhere, and increase productivity. It’s a simple, fast and secure solution.

IT managers can use Horizon Application Manager™ to provide applications to users, report on usage, and control the user experience from a central console. It provides complete visibility. The identity access management (IAM) technology in Horizon Application Manager unifies silos of user identities into a single identity, leveraging your enterprise directory and enabling organizations to define access through enterprise polices. This increases the security, control and accountability of all information assets.

VMwareВ® Horizon allows you to lower operating costs while increasing control through centralized, user-centric, policy-driven management. Don’t get stuck in a PC mindset.

Learn more about VMwareВ® Horizon Application Manager™ today.

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