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As the first in our discussion of Gartner’s top 10 technology trends for 2015, we look at the impact of mobile computing and networked devices on the IT department and how the user experience will require time and resources from your department.

As the number of mobile devices increases in both number and variation, they spread into increasingly diverse contexts and environments. Phones, wearable devices, consumer electronics and connected screens in the workplace and public will form a new expanded computing environment. IT environments will have to adapt to the needs of the mobile user even as they lose control of user endpoint devices. According to Gartner, IT departments will have to:

Manage for Mobile

IT departments will have to expand security procedures and bandwidth to cover these new devices. It will no longer be enough to focus on the device itself. The context it is being used in as well the knowledge of the user will challenge IT departments to secure their computing environment and continue to provide the flexibility and mobility demanded from their work force.

Pay attention to user experience

As new devices grow, the emphasis will be on bringing a positive experience to each user touch point. On each device, user expectations and needs differ. With phones, users expect less functionality but more speed. Also, design should accommodate smaller screens. Being able to accommodate a multitude of environments will be increasingly important.

Now, it’s your turn.

How is your organization dealing with the growing multitude of devices? Are some devices deemed allowable while others are not? Are some departments or management levels given favored status, while others are denied access to mobile devises? And what are you doing to protect your IT environment while serving user needs?

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