Three Cyber Security Risks That Need Mitigation Now

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What’s lurking inside your IT upgrades?

You’ve updated, automated, streamlined and optimized your IT operations for efficiency, agility and competitive advantage. And although you’ve succeeded in transforming your data center for modern demands, you may have opened the door to key risks risks that may mean you need to upgrade your enterprise cyber security programs as well.

Truthfully, enterprise security is not static. The threat landscape is expanding every bit as fast as innovation. A recent CNBC article found that there are approximately a half-million cyberattack attempts every minute. So what cybersecurity threats could be lurking inside your newly optimized enterprise?

1. Virtualization Vulnerabilities

If you converged your compute, network and storage assets with virtualization for cost savings and higher efficiency, congratulations. But did you know that the virtualization that drives convergence comes with some real-world risks? There are many different layers of hardware, software and services involved in this complex deployment any of which can be points of vulnerability. For example, cybercriminals often target hypervisors for attack. In addition, weakness can exist wherever your physical and virtual components intersect.  Any time a virtual machine is added or a workload is moved, there’s a new opportunity for a security breach.

2. BYOD Breakdowns

If you’ve adopted a mobile strategy to keep your on-the-go employees connected and give them anytime, anywhere access to key business applications, then you face several sets of security threats. First, the need to protect your data in the event an employee device is lost or stolen is essential.  The mobile operating systems on employee-owned mobile devices also have become a target for hackers seeking unauthorized access to corporate data. Remote device hijacking and eavesdropping can put your enterprise at risk for data leaks as well.

3. IoT Exploits

Webcams. Vehicles. Sensors. Smartplugs. Network elements. Tablets. If you’ve got devices streaming data across your networks, then you need to safeguard those endpoints. While Gartner estimates that 2016 will be the year  we reach 6.8 billion connected devices, it’s also going to give rise to machine-to-machine attacks. With IoT driving more devices connected globally, there’s a big payoff to hackers who can compromise these connections. And the weakest link is often the consumerized devices that aren’t using the right security settings.

Products like Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) security solutions can streamline and simplify end-to-end security for compliance and peace of mind. Download the Solutions Brief to explore your options and learn how ConRes can protect your business with enterprise wide cybersecurity solutions using HPE technology.


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