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Ever increasing today is the number of days during which we must multi-task. Taking away our focus from the activity at hand, multi-tasking can raise stress and lower overall performance closing more doors of opportunity than opening. This culture of multi-tasking is even reflected in our mobile devices with the ongoing tech boom.

Tech companies pride themselves in newly minted and released tablets with the capacity to perform two different functions simultaneously such as watching a movie on one side of the screen while editing a document on the other. While the technical achievement here is impressive, these two applications generally have little to do together outside of a case-specific context. Having to both pay attention to the movie and concentrating on document edits will split the person’s attention that may not have the capacity to perform both tasks as well if there was only one. However, what happens when a device is capable of performing multiple tasks with a related goal in mind?

Two functions working together towards the same goal can amplify utility of a tool and its controller which can also improve the overall experience and effectiveness. In the world of Test and Measurement a good example of this is the MDO4000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope series from Tektronix. The MDO4000 series combines three normally separate machines into one – an oscilloscope features a fully built-in and integrated spectrum analyzer, an analog function, and a 16 channel Digital Logic Analyzer. This married integration places both the time and frequency domain information on one screen in a simple clean and easy-to-read layout. Your days of running and triggering between three different machines pieces of test equipment are over! A side benefit is having extra space on your bench to utilize in new ways!

The MDO4000 series offer several models, each with different bandwidth options of up to 1GHz and 16 digital channels based on your necessity. The MDO4000B series offers juiced up technical capabilities of a full 21 digital channels and 3GHz for those that need the extra power.

Continental Resources (ConRes) has the MDO4000 series models in inventory and ready for delivery. These units are available for purchase new or for rent. When rented, engineers in our metrology lab fully calibrate your unit to manufacturer specifications.

Your peers in hundreds of organizations work with ConRes – and still do even after 10, 20, or more years. Find out why for yourself. Get started with a simple quote or a call to 800-937-4688.

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