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Speed and responsiveness are crucial when it comes to applications that control key business operations. When time to market, revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction are at stake, businesses need to be able to rely on storage that delivers extreme performance combined with IT efficiency. The new NetAPP EF540 flash array provides this, allowing businesses to operate at maximum potential. The EF540 flash array is designed for transactional, database-driven applications where responsiveness is critical.

The EF540 is the industry’s first flash array to combine consistent extreme performance with enterprise-class high availability, reliability, manageability, and worldwide support. It runs on the enterprise-proven SANtricityВ® software platform. SANtricityВ® software is optimized for flash, allowing storage administrators to achieve maximum performance and utilization of their EF540 through extensive configuration flexibility, custom performance tuning, and complete control over data placement. SANtricityВ® software’s dynamic capabilities support on-the-fly expansion, reconfigurations, and maintenance without interrupting storage system I/O.

By combining extreme IOPS, responsiveness, and reliability, the NetApp EF540 high-performance flash array is optimized for performance-sensitive workloads. The EF540 Flash Array delivers over 300,000 sustained IOPS and sub-millisecond response times, allowing businesses to carry out operations faster and improve customer experience. Bandwidth-oriented workloads will also benefit from the EF540’s ability to deliver 6GBps of throughput.

Over-provisioning wastes disk capacity while increasing cooling costs, power costs, and space requirements. With the EF540, business-critical database applications can run up to 500% faster than in traditional storage environments, delivering instant response times and enterprise-class reliability while cutting space utilization, power, and cooling by up to 95%.

The EF540 Flash Array is designed to support applications at the heart of a corporation’s business processes. This makes enterprise reliability crucial. The EF540 Flash Array leverages lessons learned across 500,000 system installations to provide enterprise reliability and fault tolerance, in both the architecture and the system code.

Downtime and data loss are simply unacceptable in a business environment. The EF540 Flash Array offers advance data protection against data loss and downtime events, both locally and over long distance. This protection includes snapshot copies as well as synchronous and asynchronous replication. Additionally, management tasks are performed while the storage remains online with complete read/write data access, allowing administrators to make configuration changes and conduct maintenance without disrupting application I/O.

The EF540 Flash Array enables efficient management with minimal effort. Its intuitive storage management and advanced tuning functions mean IT professionals don’t waste any valuable time. The Flash Array also has considerable ability to detect and resolve issues. Graphically based performance tools provide key information on storage I/O from multiple viewpoints, allowing administrators to make informed decisions on configuration adjustments to further refine performance. EF540’s flexibility and choice maximize the value of flash.

All-flash systems help companies eliminate overprovisioning and maximize return on investment. NetApp’s EF540 combines these benefits with proven enterprise reliability. The capabilities of the EF540 Flash Array improve the speed of business as well as the overall efficiency and reliability of IT operations, which translates to a better overall experience for both you and your customers.

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