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In the BBC Sci-Fi adventure series, Doctor Who, The Library is a planet-sized library containing every book ever written in the entire universe. At the core of The Library sits the largest hard drive ever designed. It holds backup copies of every single book. Massive datacenters like this aren`t far from reality in terms of power and storage capacity. The largest data centers that exist today are millions of square feet and store hundreds of petabytes of data. Since planet-sized data centers aren`t around the corner just yet, let`s examine where the data center of tomorrow is headed.

  1. Smaller According to the research organization SCINTEF, the period from May 2011-May 2013 saw the creation of 90% of the world`s data. So where do we put it? Moore`s Law continues to apply here as we see the continued trend of minimizing storage and computing components. The Emerson Power Network surveyed 800 IT Data Center Managers and found that 20% believe data centers in 2025 will be one-tenth the size of current data centers.
  2. Faster The workloads of tomorrow are here today, and they`re already demanding a different kind of data center: free of the constraints of legacy hardware and networking designs that limit the speed of data distribution. Faster routers and switches are important and will continue to advance, so be on the lookout for more flash memory, which will serve to feed processors as much information as possible.
  3. Cheaper The data center of tomorrow will optimize the union of more affordable and efficient power, better cooling systems, and lower location costs. Data centers will require less energy to perform greater levels of computing. Locations will be chosen for affordability and their proximity to cheap power and land.
  4. More Secure Advances in biometrics are already making data centers more secure. Multiple levels of bio-metric security are being layered-in to an increasing amount of potential fault points. From the facility parking lot to the server enclosure, expect to see fingerprint and retinal scanners controlling access to information. Enhancements in software, like IBM`s Tivoli line, also bring increased security to both the access and management sides.

With the advent of new sophisticated routers and switches we`re already seeing cloud companies offer virtual data centers. Disparate physical networks can be virtualized and connected over hundreds of miles. No longer does data have to live in a single remote location, making your data less vulnerable to a catastrophic single-site event.

  1. Convergence Computing, Storage, and Networking are being brought together in the form of unified computing. HP`s Converged Infrastructure and IBM`s PureFlex are making gains in the data center of today, and there is room for growth. The goal of these systems is to help simplify the complexity of the datacenter, making it easier to assemble, integrate, and manage.

Integrated systems are breaking down the silos of virtual machine sprawl by flattening data center architectures.  These technologies bring together computing, networking, and storage under a single management point by compiling multiple levels of efficiency in the data center.

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