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Test and measurement professionals in industries such as aerospace, defense, wireless connectivity and education face plenty of challenges. Getting smart, trusted customer service from their T&M equipment supplier shouldn’t be one of them.

Yet, how many of you have experienced these T&M customer-service disappointments?

  • Sales reps on autopilot, anxious to make a sale without actually listening to and addressing the measurement problems you’re trying to solve?
  • Reps that can’t or don’t offer useful product guidance when your current equipment isn’t accurate enough to measure for new frequencies or tighter specs?
  • Manufacturers that can’t offer price or equipment flexibility when you have a firm (and limited) spending cap?

We offer a different kind of experience. We pride ourselves on identifying and addressing the specific needs of its customers with creative problem solving, flexible pricing options and the deep expertise to understand and deal with complex test and measurement issues.

As T&M requirements continue to evolve, with new frequencies, higher bandwidths, and tighter specs, new designs demand more accurate equipment. And while the need for new equipment increases, budgets often don’t. Busy designers and QA teams can’t always keep up with the latest T&M developments. And that’s where equipment suppliers like ConRes can offer a valuable service.

We’ve pulled together a trio of case studies that describe how we go above and beyond to help customers like you get exactly the T&M equipment you need, when you need it, and at a price that fits your budget. You’ll learn how we help resolve delays and use our long-standing relationships with manufacturers to cut through the red tape and expedite deliveries for our customers.

Let ConRes support your acquisition strategy for test and measurement equipment. Give us a call at 800-937-4688 or email to contact one of our experts.

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Wireless Connectivity:

Aerospace and Defense:




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