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It’s vital for businesses today to have the flexibility to protect, manage, and recover their data without spending a fortune on various solutions. Symantec™ NetBackup™ software with NetApp® SnapVault® and SnapMirror® is an integrated solution that is both easy to manage and cost-effective.

The combination of Symantec™ NetBackup™ software with NetApp® SnapVault® and SnapMirror® replication technologies provides an integrated and highly scalable disk-based data protection and recovery solution for mission-critical digital assets. Its innovative features allow you to take a modern approach to disaster recovery while experiencing a dramatic reduction in operating expenses. Seamless integration via the NetApp Plug-in provides a single turnkey solution for backup, de-duplication, and storage.

The exponential data growth experienced in many sectors requires additional measures to minimize the risk of data loss. Customers are increasingly making use of Snapshots to protect their data and enable granular, point-in-time recovery. Symantec™ NetBackup™ Replication Director, combined with NetApp® Snapshot™accelerates and simplifies protection of your business while enabling you to reduce storage costs more than ever. The solution gives you the flexibility to protect your data along with the capability to recover in minutes.

Backups based on NetApp® Snapshot™ copies can be executed as often as necessary to meet aggressive restore requirements. Restores can be processed instantly from high-performance NetApp® Snapshot™ copies or from any backup data copy that has been created via NetBackup™ Replication Director. This means you can achieve the fastest possible restore, since restores can be processed from the Snapshot copy.

Management of this solution is centralized, meaning administrators can leverage their existing NetBackup™ skills and expertise to manage traditional backup processes as well as high-speed Snapshot and replication processes. This fully integrated data protection solution allows you to simplify management, cut costs, and minimize data loss.

The joint NetApp® and Symantec™ solution also enables you to minimize storage consumption and accelerate recovery. Using NetApp® as primary storage, you can take hundreds of zero-impact Snapshot copies, allowing more granular recovery points and reducing risk of data loss. Recovery is faster because the data you need is stored locally. The integrated solution includes leading storage-efficiency technologies that can be leveraged as needed to minimize space consumed on primary storage.

If you’re interested in reducing the time and cost it takes to meet your business’s current challenges in data protection.

Click here to learn more about the NetApp® Plug-In for Symantec™ NetBackup™

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