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Engineers face a daunting task when they take on the challenge of testing and troubleshooting RF and microwave communication systems. Applications that embed RF and microwave capabilities are complex networks that combine high-frequency digital and analog circuits with cables, antennas, receivers and wireless connections. New and increasingly sophisticated signals and standards only add to the difficulties.

Fortunately, a new generation of test equipment is evolving to help address these challenges.

Download our new infographic to learn more about the tools and instruments that can help reduce the complexities of testing and troubleshooting applications that embed RF and microwave technologies.

You’ll learn:

  • How vector signal generators create test signals to analyze, measure and debug complex RF and microwave systems in the lab or the field.
  • How vector signal analyzers test and verify the performance of antennas, receivers, and cables in a wireless transmission system.
  • How vector network analyzers assess a signal’s behavior and measure the performance of components and circuits in complex wireless systems.

Download our infographic From Cables to Waveforms: Testing and Troubleshooting RF and Microwave Communication Systems [hyperlink] to learn about the latest innovations in wireless test and measurement equipment.

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