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We`ve written in this blog about how Oracle`s Database can change your organization and about IBM Flash and its advantages here and here. It`s about time we brought this topic full circle and discussed how IBM Flash can enhance Oracle Database Performance. It focuses on performance and real-time compression advantages.

Flash brings a myriad of advantages to the table compared to spinning disks. It can accelerate your applications with little risk and co-exists with your current systems. With your Oracle database and IBM Flash, you can derive more value from your big data in real-time.

Data warehouse and OLAP applications benefit from IBM Flash because IBM FlashSystems are purpose-built to speed up the performance of critical enterprise applications. Flash delivers extraordinary performance per gigabyte, allowing organizations to quickly uncover business insights from IBM DB2В®, Oracle, and other database applications. According to IBM, Flash has the capability to reduce transaction times in ERP and analytical applications by up to 90%. As we`ve documented before in this case study, Sprint used flash arrays to bring 45 times faster access speeds to data at its call centers. They did this without changing the CRM application or Oracle database in use.

Oracle Exadata relies on Flash so that customers can reduce the number of cores required and improve performance, which helps organizations cut licensing cost. Real-time compression brings a new set of distinct advantages to the game. FlashCopyВ® replication protects application data with minimal interruption.

With real-time compression, data is compressed up to 80%, allowing up to 5 times more data to be stored. The patented IBM technology allows organizations to efficiently compress data when it is first stored. This technique allows you to send less data to storage systems. With less storage to power, cool, and manage, organizations with IBM Flash are operating their Oracle applications inexpensively and without performance degradation.

While IBM isn`t the only player in the game of Flash storage, they`re well entrenched in the marketplace due to IBM`s acquisition of Texas Memory systems last year. As one of the early players to market, Texas Memory helps IBM stand out in durability and performance, as opposed to the lower quality flash technology used by other manufacturers.

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