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A distributed workforce is a great way to expand your business, but it can drain static IT infrastructures that can’t scale to deliver the resources required to keep remote office staff productive.

Infrastructure hyper-convergence is an affordable and simple solution for scaling IT resources for efficiency, growth and competitive advantage. Unlike traditional infrastructure configurations, it bundles compute, storage and networking components into scalable appliances managed from centralized consoles taking the labor and cost out of delivering workloads across your enterprise.

With all the chatter about the benefits of hyper-convergence, what are the bottom-line advantages for scaling up remote office IT capability?

Scale storage and compute resources.

Remote offices need reliable access to compute and storage resources to ensure productivity and reliability. With a hyper-convergence you can easily deploy virtualized storage, compute and networking resources as they’re needed to any location in minutes. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) Hyper Converged 380 is a unified appliance that combines hardware, software and architecture resources that are workload-optimized out of the box. It’s easily expandable simply by purchasing additional nodes as your need for more capacity increases.

Simplify remote IT management.

Your remote office or branch locations probably don’t come with extensive data centers managed by a large IT staff. Because hyper-convergence virtualizes IT resources, less hardware is needed which means there’s less equipment to store, manage and maintain. Centralized software management simplifies routine tasks, and IT generalists can perform upgrades. HPE’s Hyper Converged 380 has the added benefit of deployment speed. It can provision and deploy virtual machines for workloads in as little as 15 minutes.

Reduce IT costs.

Remote hardware costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re looking at hardware for every new workload. Hyper-converged solutions provide a pre-packaged appliance of just-the-right resources you need for the workloads at hand. You don’t need to overinvest in future capacity requirements because you can expand the system on demand. This buy-as-you grow approach is available on HPE’s Hyper Converged 380 and it’s a great way to maximize IT resources and budgets.

Download the hyper-convergence solution brief to learn how ConRes partners with HPE to configure and deploy hyper-converged infrastructure to satisfy remote offices, branch locations and enterprise lines of business.

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