How Hybrid Cloud Helps Enterprises Win

The flexibility of hybrid cloud has led to its rising popularity. According to an IndustryARC report, 81% of enterprises have adopted the hybrid cloud. With the increasing rate of hybrid cloud adoption, it’s no surprise that TechRadar predicts it will soon become the primary cloud strategy.

Hybrid cloud empowers enterprises to retain control of their mission-critical data and sensitive workloads with a private cloud while moving lower priority workloads to the public cloud. With hybrid cloud, companies can enjoy the scalability and affordability of the public cloud combined with the security and control of the private cloud.

As hybrid cloud strategy begins to dominate, it has become a platform for innovations like application development, rather than just a storage and computing solution. It is enabling enterprises to benefit from the latest trends in technology, including big data and cognitive computing. A closer look at how hybrid cloud helps enterprises expand their capabilities shows why adopting hybrid cloud is a winning strategy.

Big Data in the Hybrid Cloud

To gain an edge over their competitors, enterprises need to leverage insights from big data. Hybrid cloud empowers companies to take advantage of big data analytics by providing efficient storage as well as a platform for analytics applications.

The volume, variety, and velocity of information streaming in from mobile and social make scaling datacenter infrastructure a challenge. With hybrid cloud, companies can scale up without provisioning physical servers. In addition, data can be moved anywhere in the world, enabling businesses to gain a global reach.

To meet the unpredictable needs of big data and analytics, this type of cloud can scale on demand. The combination of private and public cloud allows data to be placed according to need and frequency of use. Data needed for the production environment or for archiving can be stored in the private cloud. Transactional data is better stored in the public cloud, especially if applications are also hosted there.

Storing big data is only part of the battle. Enterprises need the right platform for the analytics applications that make use of data. Analytics applications can be loaded to the public cloud so you can mine data for business intelligence and take advantage of the latest advancements in data analytics. Tools are available that allow cognitive analytics applications to be developed for hybrid cloud. These applications will enable your business to use machine learning and natural language processing to solve complex business problems.

Supporting DevOps

Companies rely on high-powered applications for data analytics, but developing and testing new applications can be an expensive and time-consuming process. New, temporary environments need to be set up while the development process is going on. The process may be delayed while the necessary hardware is being acquired. Enterprises can’t afford to wait when speed to market is essential to maintaining a competitive edge.

The public cloud aspect of hybrid cloud allows a DevOps team to quickly set up a new development and testing environment. The application can be tested in the public cloud without disrupting the production environment in an on-premises, private cloud. Then, as soon as they are finished with the new application, they can break the environment down.

Harness the Full Power of Hybrid Cloud

The full potential of hybrid cloud is only just starting to be explored. Enterprises need to adopt a new mindset if they want to get the most out of a hybrid cloud environment. Instead of thinking of hybrid cloud as a flexible infrastructure solution, consider it as a path to the future of business innovation.

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