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The system’s 90% decrease in administration time also comes with 50 to 75% fewer disks. HP 3PAR’s superior thin provisioning technologies saves you money by cutting down on operating costs. Storage ROI is maximized over time by keeping incremental purchases, administration, and operating costs to a minimum.

HP 3PAR gives you optimum performance automatically, so you don’t have to spend valuable time and assets on management. The system can handle storage provisioning, tiering, and change management automatically at a sub-system level, without the need for intervention from an administrator.

HP is so confident in the system’s ability to reduce capacity that they guarantee it. A 50% reduction in the amount of capacity required to store your data is guaranteed, or HP promises to make up the difference by providing free disk capacity, related software, and associated support. HP 3PAR will give you double the virtual machine density out of your existing physical servers without compromising performance.

HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage is the only platform with thin capabilities built in to both array hardware and software. This allows it to deliver the simplest, most efficient, and most scalable thin provisioning solution available today. The system is able to quickly and non-disruptively thin” traditional storage volumes on your legacy storage to half their size in a manner of hours, rather than weeks. With software options such as the HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software, it’s possible to provision just once for the lifetime of an application, in just fifteen seconds.

You can also reduce your business’s carbon footprint with HP 3PAR too. Dramatically reducing your capacity with HP 3PAR means you have less equipment to house, fewer power and cooling needs, and less hardware to down cycle in the end. So you’re not only saving money, you’re helping your company to go green.

There are many other benefits to the HP 3PAR system, including less downtime and performance impacts from planned maintenance and unplanned failures. HP 3PAR Persistent Cache eliminates performance impacts from component failures, while HP 3PAR Persistent Ports is a tier 1 resiliency feature that provides non-disruptive online software upgrades.

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