Five Test Equipment Tools You Need During Expansion-Board Design

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When building an electronic device from the ground up, it is critical to test components. Here give test equipment tools that can help you avoid major pitfalls during the design process:

  1. A logic analyzer: By capturing and displaying multiple signals from a digital system or digital circuit, a logic analyzer converts captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes, state machine traces, assembly language, or correlate assembly with source-level software..
  2. Oscilloscope: This electrical testing device measures the frequency of an electrical signal and charts it over time. The resulting waveform can be analyzed for properties such as amplitude, frequency, rise time, time interval, distortion and others.
  3. Power Supply: A power supply test can help you optimize your board for minimal power consumption. Finding the right combination of components and optimizing them saves on space and costs.
  4. Function Generator: The function generator allows you to generate different types of electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies.

The final test is highly dependant on the orientation of your board. If the board is for digital communications, you may need a BER Analyzer to determine the bit error rate (BER). The BER is the number of errors transmitted over a specified period of time.

Alternatively, if the board has any RF/Microwave content, you could need any of the following

  • Network Analyzer – to measure the network parameters of an electrical network.
  • Spectrum Analyzer – to measures the magnitude of an input signal versus frequency within the full frequency range of the instrument.
  • Noise Figure Meter – measures random fluctuations in the electrical signal of a board
  • RF Power Meter – takes highly accurate measurements of power.

Your turn: What tests are you running? What equipment do you prefer to use?

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