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As we discussed in our previous post, implementing storage virtualization technology isn’t always as simple as it sounds. To get the most out of the technology, you’ll want to make sure you deploy it the right way.

That’s a much easier task if you work with the right storage technology partner. Here’s what to look for in a partner:

  1. Certifications in server virtualization. Does your potential partner have a roster of professionals who have earned modular sales professional, enterprise sales professional, post-sales, and architect certifications? If so, you’ll get much better service from this firm than from its competition.
  2. Partnerships with major storage vendors. Has your potential partner formed a strategic partnership with Hitachi Data Systems – one of the leading storage technology vendors on the market? If so, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting expert, in-depth advice on how to use Hitachi solutions and products to your maximum advantage.  
  3. A full spectrum of virtualization solutions. Can your potential storage virtualization partner also help you with server virtualization? Desktop virtualization? Application virtualization? Virtual data centers? The ideal technology partner will be able to sell you the hardware and software you need, and will design, plan, and implement your virtualization solutions.
  4. Familiarity with the Hitachi Storage Economic Model. Hitachi Data Systems has developed an approach for determining exactly how much an organization can save in 33 different cost areas by implementing storage virtualization. They call it the Hitachi Storage Economic Model, and it’s a wonderful way to ensure that your project will deliver value to your entire business. So, be sure to work with a technology partner that’s familiar with the Model and can apply it to your specific situation.
  5. An integration center. Want to road-test your new storage technology infrastructure before you roll it out to business users? Work with a technology partner that can provide an ISO-registered integration center for staging, configuration, proofs of concept, and scheduled rollouts. You’ll be able to work out any kinks in a controlled environment without affecting your day-to-day business operations.   

These are all important characteristics to look for – but don’t forget about experience. When you work with a highly seasoned provider, they’ll be able to craft a customized implementation plan that takes into account all your specific business needs.

ConRes is just such a partner. We have more than 50 years of experience helping companies make the right technology decisions. And we’re ready to guide you as you launch your storage technology project. Call us at (800) 937-4688 for your free storage technology assessment.

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