Facing 5 Myths about Virtualization

As enterprise virtualization becomes an increased motive for many businesses and companies, it’s important to expose some of the myths associated with it. While consolidating applications and running more efficient enterprise data centers can provide a significant increase in productivity, there are other things you need to understand when virtualizing your data center.

Myth 1: After deploying virtualization, the power consumption of your virtualized data center always goes down.

When done correctly, enterprise virtualization is a great way to reduce operation costs. Unfortunately, improper deployment can cost you even more money. Remember that 1) Not all servers can be virtualized and 2) You are often replacing old servers with bigger servers that consume more power. Even when idle, servers can still consume up to 50 percent of their rated power. If this particular server isn’t being used to its full potential, you’re wasting valuable power which can increase costs of running a data center. To ensure the lowest costs, take the time to do the research and crunch the numbers.

Myth 2: Most of the savings is from consolidating applications on virtual servers.

While consolidating applications can definitely help save money, a large number of your savings from virtualization comes from eliminating applications no longer in use. These can include applications from previous employees, or files that people may have forgotten about and no longer use. Even though not in use, these applications still consume power to run. By eliminating these, you eliminate any maintenance or licensing fees associate with it while freeing up space and reducing operation costs.

Myth 3: My data center is fully virtualized.

In 2010, CDW released a report stating that fully virtualized” companies only had about 37% of their servers virtualized. This goes to show that even if you think you’ve done it all, there’s probably still more you can do. While not all companies have the money, time, and resources to fully virtualize, you can still continue to maximize your current IT infrastructure.

Myth 4: Virtualizing my data center automatically makes it more efficient.

If not deployed and set up correctly, the money and time spent creating a virtualized data center is often a waste. For example, idle applications are still idle after virtualization. Even if not in use, you’re still maintaining those applications. It also doesn’t guarantee that the IT staff will be spending less time maintaining this virtualized data center.

Myth 5: Now that I’m virtualized, I don’t need security.

Many people are under the impression that a virtualized data center is more secure than ordinary set ups and often over look the need for additional security. Servers face many of the same issues common with physical machines including operational errors such as corrupted files that can spread viruses.  Aside from monitoring all activity within the data center, employees should regularly run virus scanning software to pick up any infections or breeches in security.

There are a number of ways to create a virtualized data center. However, there’s not one type of virtualization that’s good for everyone. If you’re unsure of where to start, consult an expert. With proper deployment and maintenance, a virtualized data center can be a great asset to a company or business.

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