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We are excited to announce that more of our customers will be able to afford the transition to the private cloud with FlexPod™. As we alluded to in a blog post last month, Cisco and NetApp have announced plans to extend FlexPod with a series of new pre-validated design architectures priced – and sized – for smaller workloads.


What this news means for ConRes Customers:

  • The new FlexPod solution is designed for business application workloads of 500 to 1000 users, so our smaller customers can take advantage of this more affordable entry-level solution but can easily scale by adding incremental capacity should their needs grow.
  • As more FlexPod solutions are deployed, the capabilities continue to evolve and its pre-validated design is further proven. As its name implies, the solution is extremely flexible and supports multiple hypervisors (including VMware and Microsoft) and business applications.
  • Disaster Recovery is streamlined and customers have reported cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars per day during power outages. • Our smaller-workload customers will now have access to the reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that a transition to the private cloud makes possible. Savings in OPEX and CAPEX are supplemented with reduced power costs and energy use. FlexPod™ is not only good for your cash flow, but good for the planet as well.
  • FlexPod can be complemented by a variety of pre-validated flexible management options which have been thoroughly tested in NetApp and Cisco lab environments. Solutions are available from Cloupia and Gale Technologies, among others.


We are excited to offer this entry-level FlexPod solution. A FlexPod flexible private cloud solution can reduce TCO and energy use, streamline disaster recovery, while maintaining data security. Now we can implement this proven technology in more customers than we ever could before; and we can continue to employ our partnerships with NetApp, Cisco, VMware, and Microsoft on behalf of our clients.


FlexPod, the unified architecture featuring Cisco compute and switches, NetApp storage, and VMware hypervisor software, has rapidly grown in popularity with over 850 worldwide deployments to date. This is a 400% growth rate since launching. We have our own FlexPod test environment and are intimately familiar with this flexible environment and evolving technology capability.

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