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How can backup accelerate IT transformation? Backup is no longer just a defensive tactic. It’s an offensive strategy that delivers game-changing business results, as long as you run the right plays.

You’ve probably heard the term, game-changing”, before. But what does that really mean? Usually the conversation around backup and recovery revolves around too much data, and too little time, tape and disk. But what’s changed is that backup, managed properly, drives business value and that’s the game-changing” part. Backup has gotten much more relevant because of its impact to business in ways that may surprise you.

Game-changer” relates to changing the way you’re doing your business. And in this case, how you’re handling your backups. Deduplication is ubiquitous. And deduplicating backup appliances is definitely a game-changer. Think about your backup environment as if you’re on a treadmill. Everyday somebody is increasing the speed and the angle as you cling on for life. Deduplicating backup appliances let’s you catch your breath. It lets you get back on top of how much data you have and gets your backup and recovery windows down to something reasonable. But the truth is, you’re still on that treadmill. You bought yourself a breath, but you’re still on the treadmill. That leads to the next step of game changing: Time To”.

Time To is the time it takes to get things done in your business. If you look at backup, what is its speed? If it’s not fast enough, you got nothing. We all know we do backup to get recoveries, and in the long run, to accelerate your business. That’s where Time To comes into play. Time To virtualizes more servers. Time To spins up new applications. Time To drives revenue for your business via IT. Backup impacts your Time To. What’s one of the things that slows you down from changing? You’re worried about things going wrong. You’re worried about risk. You don’t know if there’s a safety net. But if you have a backup system that you know is fast enough, reliable enough, and you know your data will be there when you need it, you’re going to get more comfortable, confident and aggressive, and therefore safe enough to go on offensive. And as soon as you’re on the offensive, that’s the game changer for your business.

EMC delivers this Time To metric for you. They are leading the industry in disk space backup and the deduplicated disk market. The EMC backup playbook clearly addresses the biggest problems facing you and has the vision to get you where you need to go. The rest is up to you. EMC believes the first step is implementing the right disk space backup solution. The second step is to find your most difficult protection challenge and look to EMC to solve that problem. Third, as you’re doing that, start to add value added services, like chargeback and replication for disaster recovery and long-term retention.

EMC recently launched the Data Domain 990, one of the biggest and fastest deduplicating appliance, enabling you to consolidate more data into one location. It allows you to keep up with and get ahead of data growth. It’s also able to carve the system up into smaller pieces so that each one of your teams (virtual, apps, storage and physical) has their own part of that system, giving you one, central team full visibility.

So what are your thoughts on these concepts and EMC backup? Share them with us!

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