Harness the Storage Squeeze: Increase Scalability and Efficiencies with NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2

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Today’s IT environments are continuously challenged with managing and storing a wide variety of data and files – requiring ever-increasing storage capabilities. In the past, this need was fulfilled with scale-up solutions, including cumbersome controller replacement or the addition of a controller to run concurrently with an existing one (making IT workload and equipment operation requirements even more unwieldy).

The introduction of scale-out solutions has improved the situation with their ability to seamlessly add controllers with storage virtualization built-in. However, these scale-out solutions have been less than flexible with their limited protocol and hardware support, and have lacked integral storage efficiency and data replication ability. That is, until NetApp changed the industry with the first unified scale-out storage solution, Data ONTAP, created for virtualized shared storage infrastructures – and designed for nondisruptive operations over the entire lifetime of the operating system.

How can IT professionals implement and manage a unified storage solution that can anticipate their needs and provide for continuously increasing data storage? Scale their environments with the newly released NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 storage platform, which integrates even greater improvements to NetApp’s revolutionary storage platform.

Boasting increased scalability, protocol support, and data protection, NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 further maximizes data savings and storage efficiencies. It includes reduced deduplication metadata, so there is less metadata to sort and evaluate; resulting in significantly faster deduplication times. In addition, the amount of logical data that can be run in post-process compression and deduplication has been increased to 640TB. NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 also includes Incompressible Data Detection, allowing for decreased inline compression impact on files that are less compressible.

NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 has a multiprotocol unified architecture, and this release includes an expanded list of seamlessly supported protocols. They include: NFS v3, v4, and v4.1, including pNFS; SMB 1, 2, 2.1, and 3, including support for nondisruptive failover in Microsoft® Hyper-V™ environments with SMB 3; iSCSI; Fibre Channel; and FCoE. The NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 platform also supports hardware and scalability with its clustered architecture, and its storage efficiency components markedly increase space savings while decreasing storage costs.

Another feature of NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 is its ability to assign post-process compression and deduplication to run with a volume efficiency priority of background” or best-effort.” Best-effort is the default, allowing volume efficiency to run the fastest possible way by making this function competitive with other resources. Background does not compete for resources and takes more time, but has less impact to user workloads.

In addition, NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 offers significant data protection with Efficiency SnapVault® backups, a disk-to-disk backup feature that provides faster backups, better network bandwidth savings, and solidified compression and depduplication savings from source to destination. Existing customers have been looking forward to this feature, which is expected to promote transitions from earlier versions of NetApp Data ONTAP.

There are many other features and benefits of NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2, so contact us today for more information or for assistance in migrating to this exciting new platform. The storage squeeze stressing your IT department budget, time, and workload will rapidly become a distant memory, as your data storage architecture seamlessly scales-out with intuitive space and cost savings.

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