Data Center Server Consolidation: Step #1 – Understand the Benefits of Virtualization

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Large enterprises aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of virtualization. There are virtualization solutions available for smaller businesses as well. Most IT Departments know they want to deploy a virtualization plan, but the bigger question one may ask is “When?”. In this five step series on Data Center Server Consolidation – 5 Steps for Server Virtualization, you will come to learn the important steps in making a decision to virtualize your data center, and what needs to be done before you decide when to go ahead with your virtualization plan.

Step #1 – Understand the Benefits of Virtualization

Don’t decide on server virtualization just because it seems like a good idea. Ask yourself, “Why do I need virtualized servers?” By understanding exactly what virtualization can do for you and what you want it to do, experts can help you choose the best virtualization solution to fit your needs and maximize your benefits.  Some of the most common benefits of virtualization are:

  • Server virtualization saves time, especially with maintenance, as fewer servers are needed for the job. With less hardware comes fewer updates, less time trouble shooting, and less time jumping between management tools. With a virtual machine, there is no ordering, unboxing, racking, and installing new servers.
  • Fewer servers + less maintenance time = reduced cost savings! In addition, fewer servers can help reduce expenses to cool and power data centers. Because virtual machines can run multiple applications, a separate server for each one is no longer needed.
  • Simplify Management with less servers and maintenance. With fewer servers to manage and less maintenance needed, managers can spend their time focusing on other issues and further improving their server virtualization. Virtualization also enables the use of advanced features like high availability and point-in-time snapshots of servers.
  • Recover from disaster faster than ever before! Many people often forget to take into consideration what would happen if the data center failed. It happens more often than you would think, and there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen to you. Virtualization offers hardware independence and decreased recovery time should a disaster occur. With snap shots of server images, applications can be transferred over in a matter of a few hours, rather than days. Less downtime keeps customers and employees happy, and keeps business and money flowing.

Understanding the benefits of virtualization can greatly help improve your data center when planning a virtualization process. Before moving on to the next step in the process, go over the benefits of virtualization in association with your specific needs.

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