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Today, I would like to discuss the next generation of video conferencing: Cisco Telepresence. Many of you probably spend a lot of time travelling around the country, or maybe even the world, on business. Sometimes your travel time is longer than the meeting or event itself. Imagine what you could have done with all of that time! Cisco Telepresence is the system that allows you to attend those same meetings with an experience virtually identical to being there in person. And the best part? After the meeting, you are free to carry on business as usual at your office.

There is a lot of collaborative work Cisco does from boards, committees, commissions, and task forces to their work with other state agencies, outside organizations, vendor and contractors. Video conferencing through Cisco telepresence gives you the same results as meeting physically in the same room but saves you time and money.

With Cisco telepresence, you’re able to hook up your laptop to the system and share your desktop or a presentation, just as you would in a typical meeting. Another perk? Some of your desk phones are the video phones so they can also connect to telepresence, so you’re able to join the meeting from your office. Audio calls can connect as well if your team member is unable to get to a unit or out of state for example.

There are also several privacy protections with this system. It’s a secure, bridge making telepresence completely safe to use for closed meetings and confidential discussions. The microphones are able to be muted so other locations cannot hear you, but keep in mind they can still see you. However, the hold button on the phone will keep the other locations from both hearing and seeing you. So if you’re working on a contract negotiation or holding a meeting with legal counsel, you have complete confidentiality. Scheduling a meeting is also easy by simply putting in a help desk ticket online. All scheduled meeting are set up so when you walk into the room you simply press the telephone touch screen to connect.

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