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With so many online file sharing (OFS) options today, it has become common practice in the workplace for employees to use their personal accounts for syncing and sharing their work data. The majority of OFS solutions for personal use are easy to use and free so employees feel it helps them to operate in a more efficient capacity rather than signing on through a VPN to access traditional file servers.

Some organizations have been reluctant to move to OFS because they fear losing control of their data. What these administrators don’t realize is they are ultimately losing more control by not offering an enterprise-level solution as well as being exposed to security breaches in an even bigger way. Employees are using their personal OFS and they’re not going to stop if not given a better option. This makes finding an efficient, secure solution for employee productivity and organizational control a must in 2016. Other benefits of enterprise file share solutions include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Mobilized workforce
  • Minimized risk
  • Reduced cost and capacity requirements.

Choosing an Enterprise Solution

In addition to keeping data secure and finding a more effective solution for employees, one of the main objectives for moving to an enterprise-level OFS is choosing a platform that will integrate with existing IT tools and applications. Some might think that just about any solution available should integrate, but asking the right questions upfront about how a new OFS will integrate and sharing your integration needs will be helpful with the discovery process.

For those that feel a certain vulnerability to cloud-based OFS, they’re not wrong. On premise offerings are really the more trustworthy route to take when the security of work data is critical. On-premise options are highly customizable; therefore, some organizations find it more cost effective to use an on-premise OFS and supplement with cloud-based solutions for their commonplace IT data needs such as email.

One Approach to OFS

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Anywhere is an on-premise solution designed for secure file sharing and content distribution that can improve end-user productivity while maintaining corporate control, management, and protection of data. It allows organizations to empower your IT to deliver its own mobility solution through:

  • Access-controlled links that synchronize user files and folders to multiple devices for internal or external sharing
  • Simplifying administration with self-service mobile device management
  • Simple to deploy; intuitive for end users and works with your existing IT investments, practices and policies

Please check out the content platform demo here.

Continental Resources will help you choose and implement the best OFS solution for your organization’s needs. Our expertise will help increase productivity and mobilize your workforce all while keeping your IT department in control and secure. Please call Continental Resources at 800-937-4688 to discuss the best OFS solution for your business.

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