Answer These 9 Key Questions Before Designing and Testing Wireless IoT Networks

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Designing and testing sensor and device networks for wireless IoT deployments requires expertise in multiple areas, including knowledge of wireless interfaces, sensor network design, and wireless test protocols and equipment. Do you have the know-how?

Download our helpful how-to guide to learn the nine key questions to answer before you begin exploring the design of an RFID-powered IoT network. Our Q&A provides insights into these critical areas of consideration:

  • What are the primary test considerations for IoT networks? You will need to be familiar and comfortable with integrating analog RFID capability into designs that are primarily digital.
  • Which is the best RF strategy, build-your-own ICs or buy prebuilt modules? This depends on your end goals. Roll-your-own ICs allow for greater customization, while pre-certified modules might get your product to market faster.
  • How can you keep testing costs down? PC-based or multi-function test systems can save money, as can pre-owned equipment.

To learn more about RFID and IoT networks, download our convenient how-to guide Designing and Testing a Wireless IoT Network? Get Quick Answers to Nine Key Questions for no-nonsense advice and strategies to help you succeed with your wireless IoT network.

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