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Before you choose you next oscilloscope, you’d better have some answers.

The scope is probably the most useful and versatile tool on the engineer’s bench. So when you buy or rent a new one, make sure you’re getting a scope that can meet most or all of your test and measurement needs. In our convenient how-to guide, Seven Questions 
to Answer Before You Choose an Oscilloscope, you’ll find the seven key questions that you need to consider before choosing your next best test-bench friend. For example:

What is the highest signal frequency you are likely to measure? If you think a 200MHz scope is enough instrument for a 200MHz signal, think again. Your scope’s bandwidth needs to be at least five times higher than the signal frequencies you need to measure.

Are you likely to be looking for glitches or intermittent events? In this case, your sample rate may be just as important as bandwidth. And then consider memory record length, to capture all the events of interest.

View the other five key questions in our PDF how-to guide. It provides tips for how to answer each question, and what the answers mean when you decide on your next scope. Download it today and keep it handy!

Let ConRes help you get the right oscilloscope for your needs, today and in the future. Give us a call at 800-937-4688 or email TestEquipmentTeam@conres.com to contact one of our experts.

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