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U.S. and international test equipment sales and rentals from the friendly professionals at Continental Resources (ConRes), your authorized source for new and refurbished test equipment sales and rentals including oscilloscopes, signal generators, network and spectrum analyzers, wireless communications testers, field testing and general purpose test equipment. If you’re an engineer in manufacturing, R&D, QC, design, field test, or education, you can rely on ConRes for test equipment with warranties and calibrated in our ISO-registered, NIST-traceable metrology lab to ensure measurement accuracy. ConRes is an authorized test equipment partner for Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Agilent, Spirent, and others.

Technology and Test Equipment

People expect their technology to do more and more. This, in turn, makes the electrical components of new products even more complex requiring extensive testing and troubleshooting. Newly released products must now pass tighter testing regulations, be available to the public more quickly, and exhibit top quality.

Using Electrometers & Picoammeters for Low-Level Current Measurements

Measuring DC Amps where the DMM Can't...

New Keithley DMM7510 Multimeter

The new Keithley DMM7510 combines a precision digital multimeter, a graphical touchscreen display, and a high speed, high resolution digitizer to create an industry first: a graphical sampling multimeter.

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Six Techniques for Optimal Performance from Power Supplies

This poster will give you important tips to get the optimum performance from you power supplies.

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Tektronix Error Checker Poster and 2460 App Cards

Instrument error messages got you stuck? This Tektronix poster will help with trouble shooting and these 2460 Application Cards will help answer your questions!

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Antenna Patterns and Their Meaning

Much can be learned about how an antenna performs from its patterns. This paper describes many of the common antenna parameters that can be understood from the patterns.

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Worldwide Spectrum Allocations

This poster, courtesy of Tektronix, will help users find the current spectrum range for a variety of test equipment.

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Keithley Monitoring Sleep and Standby Currents from Low Power Devices Application Cards

Keithley Series 2280S Precision Measurement, Low Noise, Programmable DC Power Supplies feature a high resolution graphical iconbased display.

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Power Measurement on ACDC Power Supply

This Application Note from Tektronix will help you with analyzing your ACDC Power Supplies.

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E Guide on SMU Instruments

Get your Keithley E-Guide on Source Measure Unit Instruments: The Tool of Choice for Emerging R&D Applications. 

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Get your Tektronix Wifi Poster

This poster, courtesy of Tektronix, can help you will your physical layers and transmitter measurements of Wi-Fi when configuring your test equipment.

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