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Signal/Spectrum Analyzers

ConRes offers a variety of spectrum of signal and spectrum analyzers, including portable, handheld, and real-time. Manufacturers such as Agilent, Rohde & Schwarz, and Tektronix produce equipment that allows you to analyze wave signals with ease-of-use interfaces, versatility, superior and performance for cost-conscious mindsets. These analyzers can be ideal for both high and low frequency coverage, performing on-site measurements, and spectrum monitoring. 

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GW Instek/GRF-1300/RF and Communication System Trainer

GRF-1300 RF and Communication System Trainer

New: $399.00
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GW Instek/GRF-3300K/RF Training Kit Sets, 22 Modules

RF Training Kit Sets, 22 Modules (12 for Receiver and 10 for Transmitter systems)

New: $3,000.00
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GW Instek/GRF-3300S/RF & Spectrum Analyzer Training System

RF Training System, Two Systems (Transmitter and Receiver)

New: $2,800.00
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GW Instek/GSP-730/3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

GSP-730 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer, 150 kHz~ 3 GHz

New: $999.00
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GW Instek/GSP-810/1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

GSP-810 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer

New: $2,375.00
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GW Instek/GSP-830/3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz~ 3 GHz Bandwidth

New: $4,500.00
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GW Instek/GSP-930/Spectrum Analyzer

9KHz to 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer

New: $6,300.00
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GW Instek/GSP-930TG/Spectrum Analyzer

9KHz to 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator

New: $7,999.00
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Yokogawa/AQ6370B/Optical Spectrum Analyzer

600 nm to 1700 nm, +20 dBm to -90 dBm

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Tektronix/RSA306/RSA306 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

USB real time spectrum analyzer, 9 kHz – 6.2 GHz, 40 MHz acquisition bandwidth  

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