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Planning the Build of Your Computer-Controlled Custom Device

You can take advantage of our pre-production engineering and design support when planning the build of your computer-controlled custom device, instrument or appliance. The service gathers information on component performance, failure rates and alternative solutions before you commit to a final system build.

With decades of experience, ConRes has already well-established relationships with most component vendors. We leverage these relationships to obtain additional technical support for you. Component vendors may also provide samples, allowing ConRes to offer you special pricing on developmental systems.

Working closely with ConRes during the early development phase leverages the OEM and Embedded Computing Group's engineering knowledge and experience. This estrablishes a good working relationship which results in a solid business foundation upon which the rest of the value-added services are built.

The ConRes OEM team works closely with you to plan the build of your custom computer-based product. This process includes planning for:

Product hardware including:

  • System size, slot requirements, housing/mounting issues
  • Basic component selection
  • Cost / performance / longevity component trade-offs
  • Wiring and cabling
  • Cooling design and thermal testing

Life span planning:

  • Product component availability requirements
  • Product change control
  • Component change management

Operational planning:

  • System heat output and cooling requirements
  • OS compatibility and driver requirements
  • Noise emissions
  • Dust control

Safety and RFI Certification:

  • Documentation
  • Labeling
  • Management of test-house services
  • Development of pre-certified systems