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Corporate Backgrounder (731 KB pdf)

IT products and services. OEM/embedded computing solutions. New and used test equipment sales, rentals, and leasing. From the friendly professionals at Continental Resources.

Case Studies

Case Study: ConRes: OEM Solution – Baggage Scanner (47 KB pdf)

This Client turned to Continental Resources because their baggage inspection systems were failing during a customer’s field trials - placing future business at risk. The system incorporates a UPS which consists of components from several suppliers and includes 150 pound batteries requiring a carefully controlled shelf life.

Case Study: ConRes: OEM Solution – Blood Analyzer (48 KB pdf)

Prior to working with Continental Resources, this company experienced a sudden, unexpected component change that stopped production of their bread and butter line of medical devices for 2 months. Find out how ConRes OEM services prevent costly production delays and re-certification costs.

Case Study: ConRes: OEM Solution - VoIP Communication Server (Integrated Voice Services) (55 KB pdf)

The client provides a turnkey voice over IP telephone service which offers a rich set of features to small and medium sized businesses. A key component of their support strategy is a customer-premise communications appliance that provides telephony features and management access for quality of service diagnostics. The Client would need hundreds of these devices.

Case Study: ConRes: OEM Solution - Medical Imaging Server (54 KB pdf)

The Client offers a range of computer aided cancer detection systems to healthcare practitioners. Engaging with the ConRes OEM/Embedded Solutions Group enabled the development of a solution that not only met all of the Client’s technical and safety certification requirements, but also reduced costs by 45%.



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