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Coping with Certification

Learn your options and needs for safety and electronic certification including how to get certified, impacts of being certified and options for not certifying.

Case Study: ConRes: OEM Solution – Blood Analyzer

Prior to working with Continental Resources, this company experienced a sudden, unexpected component change that stopped production of their bread and butter line of medical devices for 2 months. Find out how ConRes OEM services prevent costly production delays and re-certification costs.

Business Brief: ConRes: Understanding the Value of OEM Systems Integration Services

Learn how to evaluate your manufacturing options, how the benefits of OEM system integrators can help you, and expense reducing opportunities by exploring this business brief on the value of OEM systems integration services.

White Paper: ConRes: OEM Solution - Understanding the Value of OEM CE Primer

Understanding the Value of OEM CE Primer is a great start to the introduction of the CE Mark for IT Equipment. Learn what is CE, and some commonly asked questions about it.