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Symantec Leading eDiscovery Market with Clearwell Platform

by Mark Marro

Symantec’s eDiscovery Platform cuts costs, creates efficiencies, and improves control throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle. This covers legal hold and collection to processing, review, analysis, and production (offering exceptional functionality across every stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, or EDRM). Users can deploy the solution as one unified application or tailor it by selecting only specific lifecycle modules.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX Simplifies IT Environments for SMBs, ROBOs

by Mark Marro

The platform’s integrated structure streamlines IT environments. All hardware, including servers, storage, networking, and management are consolidated into a single chassis – which has a 48TB storage capacity for future growth. The chassis is available standalone (small enough to fit under a counter) or rackable. It plugs into a standard wall outlet, making installation easy and eradicating the need to allocate space and resources for sprawling hardware. 

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Data Got You Down? Get Back On Top

by Dave Cosio

Oracle sets new precedents in what is expected of data storage appliance through the appliances, ease of deployment, performance, functionality, quality, and pricing. Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliance Solutions cut back-up recovery times in almost half, adhere and even improve on strict data protection requirements, and are priced almost four times lower than a similar functioning storage solution from competitors.

HP 3PAR FREE Assessment

by Laura Leonti

Request a free assessment to learn how to reduce your storage capacity requirements and cut costs in the process.  We will analyze your HP infrastructure to collect all necessary data, and then provide a free assessment of your storage, servers and management software environment to help you understand what is truly going on and where various aspects of your HP environment can be improved upon.

Trending in 2014: Big Data’s Rise Creating Evolution of Business

by Storage Guy Mark

As data collection has grown exponentially over the past five years, so has the focus on Big Data. Structured data, the primary type of Big Data, consists of dates, numbers, and groups of words and numbers that are organized most often in a database. These strings of data are machine- or human-generated, and are being produced rapidly with advancements in technology.

Trending in 2014: Converged Infrastructure Advancing the Future of the Data Center

by Storage Guy Mark

Converged infrastructure is swiftly becoming the preferred way that enterprises of all sizes and industries are designing their IT environments. According to IDC, converged infrastructure spending will reach an impressive $17.8 billion globally in 2016, up from only $4.6 billion in 2012.

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Trending in 2014: Flash-Based Storage Continues to Evolve, Changing IT Landscape

by Storage Guy Mark

Flash storage is growing in popularity. This is evident in the major enterprise-level storage providers incorporating flash memory into their solution and product lines. These systems are improving IT environment performance and speed, enhancing application efficiencies and responsiveness, and reducing required IT space.

HP StoreVirtual 4335 Storage: A Software-defined Storage System for SMBs

by Laura Leonti

HP StoreVirtual 4335 Storage is a hybrid storage system that automates the movement of frequently accessed data from HDDs to SSDs. The system’s unique Adaptive Optimization feature accelerates application performance at a significantly lower cost than SSDs alone can provide. By using a combination of HDDs and SSDs and intelligently utilizing space on both storage options, the system allows SMB customers to spend less on storage while still supporting more virtual machines.

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HP StoreAll Gateway Storage: Bringing Structure to Unstructured Data

by Laura Leonti

Businesses often have to grapple with massive amounts of unstructured content, which pose unique storage challenges. The HP StoreAll Gateway Storage solution makes it easy to hyperscale storage for better organization. This storage offering from HP enables users to bring structure to unstructured data, saving time and money in the process. Through a variety of features, including ultra-fast search, StoreAll Gateway makes it possible to extract business value from large amounts of unstructured data.

HP Converged Systems

by Laura Leonti

The sheer number of devices in play has changed what business expects from IT. It’s time for IT to embrace technology designed to change traditional infrastructure.This is where converged storage systems like HP Converged Systems come in. These systems are designed to eliminate fragmented complexity and have a single approach to storing and protecting data in all forms. HP Converged Systems is a portfolio of complete, engineered systems optimized for virtualization, cloud, and big data.

Brocade Networking Solutions for Educational Institutions

by Patryk Kelley

With a decade of experience in networking solutions specifically for campus infrastructures, Brocade brings end-users automated, cost-effective, and agile solutions. This provides educational institutions and campuses with scalable tools and the technological capabilities required to host lightening fast internet speeds and a secure IT infrastructure.