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Better. Faster. Stronger.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

The Desco 60640 Chargebuster has a three blade fan design with steady state DC ionization-allows for better coverage, consistent offset voltage, and superior discharge times. Learn more >

  • Better. Faster. Stronger.


Desco manufactures RSD control and other products for the electronics production industry. ConRes offer Desco products such as wrist straps, foot grounders, mats, shielding bags, floor finish, ionization, workstation monitors and test equipment.

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Desco/19500/Bench Top Ionizer

Bench Top Ionizer, 120 Volt

New: $558.86
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Desco/19520/Bench Top Ionizer

Bench Top Ionizer, 220 Volt 

New: $728.54
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Desco/60437/Emitter Replacement

HO Series emitter replacement

New: $7.18
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Desco/60455/Replacement filter

Replacement Filter

New: $61.56
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Desco/60505/Bench Top Ionizer

Bench top ionizer high output, 120 VAC, NIST

New: $491.04
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Desco/60506/Emitter Point Tip Cleaner

Emitter point tip cleaners, Pack of 20

New: $63.12
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Desco/60507/Emitter Points

Emitter points for overhead and bench top ZVI ionizers, pack of 8

New: $30.90
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Desco/60508/Alarm Threshold Programmer

Alarm threshold programmer for bench top ionizer

New: $223.67
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Desco/60640/Chargebuster Overhead Ionizer

Overhead Ionizer, 24", 2-Fan, Input 120VAC

New: $779.85
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